How B Vitamins Can Help you Jump into Summer

How B Vitamins Can Help you Jump into Summer

October 24, 2019

Getting a healthy dose of B Vitamins can really give your body an extra jumpstart into summer. 
Have you been hibernating during the colder months?
Spring is already here and summer is just around the corner but there are plenty of people who are still feeling winter weary.
Don’t despair, many of us just need a B Vitamin top-up to boost energy levels, lift our mood, and fight that winter fatigue.

Brain Food

Your brain uses Vitamin B1 (thiamin) to turn sugar into fuel.
Without it, the brain will rapidly run out of energy.
So keep your thiamin levels up for a clear headed, composed and energetic start to Summer. 

The Superhero of Vitamins

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is vital to your body’s energy supply.
Vitamin B2 helps metabolise fats and proteins, and helps convert carbs into something called adenosine triphosphate (ATP is easier!) which produces more energy for the body. 

B2 doesn’t just stop there.
It helps your body absorb other B vitamins and iron, as well as supporting the growth of fresh red blood cells.

But there’s more!
This hero vitamin helps relieve tiredness by reducing oxidative stress (what happens when there’s an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body). 

Lift the Fog

If Winter - or a late night - leaves you with brain fog, you need B3 (niacin) for energy and to function properly. 
Like its B relatives, niacin helps the body break down fats, carbs and proteins.
It also plays a role in brain health and memory retention.  

Get your Zzzs

Vitamin B6 helps maintain a healthy body and develop a healthy brain. 
Even better, it produces chemicals that influence the body’s sleep cycles.
Healthy sleep cycles can make a huge difference to your daily mood and energy levels.
Important when you’re trying to leave hibernation behind! 

To grab all these B goodies together, look for a nutri-tonic, like SHOJO, that adds them to other functional ingredients for a powerful wellbeing boost.  

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