Let's Do Some Shots!

Let's Do Some Shots!

October 05, 2021

By Nikki Hart, 
MSc Nutrition (Hons), Registered Nutritionist (NZ) 


When someone says ‘Hey, Let’s Do Some Shots!’ you’re usually at a party… and you might suddenly think….
Oh No!
This is going to taste awful!
Let’s get this over with!
But you shouldn’t have to dread drinking the latest phenomenon, the well-being ‘Functional Shot’.
Functional shots have been developed in response to people looking for convenient and effortless ways to increase their health, immunity and vitality, especially now, as the world combats COVID-19.
There is excellent evidence that consuming a diet high in fruit and vegetables boosts your exposure to the colourful protecting qualities of vitamins and antioxidants. And although we are seeing people eat and drink more fruit and vegetable (and their juices) for health, the real interest is in adding ‘Adaptogens’ to the diet.


Adaptogens are varieties of herbal extracts and botanicals that are seen in Chinese and Ayurvedic medical practice including the likes of Ginseng, Turmeric, Ashwagandha that are traditionally reported to improve energy levels, mood and immunity.
However, having a herbal or a botanical extract as a single shot can taste like you’re having an alcohol shot at a party… and you only have to see James Cordon’s reaction when Selena Gomez made him drink a pure ginger shot! 
So, to make the experience taste delicious, we created our SHŌJŌ ‘Functional Shots’ using the adaptogens Turmeric and Ginseng combined with scientifically studied specific juices and other vitamins to give you a little boost of “Fabulousness” that can be enjoyed at any meal or snack in your day.

You can consume it on its own as part of a meal or snack or, you can make my ‘Sunshine in a Glass’ smoothie recipe using our

SHŌJŌ Turmeric Tonic to give your day a colourful boost.

In a blender or NutriBullet: 

1 x bottle SHŌJŌ Turmeric Tonic
½ banana
1 cup frozen mango
125ml (½ cup coconut water)

Blend, drink, and enjoy 😊

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