(Some) Sense For Your Silly this Season?

(Some) Sense For Your Silly this Season?

December 05, 2019

It’s called the silly season for a reason. Santa hats are added to business suits, snowmen appear in summer, cars have antlers. We sidestep sensible thinking at this time of year, including in health and wellbeing choices.

Too much of one (or two) things...

It’s not news that we eat and drink more over any holiday period - and this one in particular. Think team lunches, dinners with friends and family, office parties. A higher level of social engagements combined with festive excitement has us drinking more alcohol and eating more, especially the high calorie / low nutrition staples; chips, salted nuts, desserts.

… and not enough of another

We don’t get the sleep we need in the run up to Christmas. The socialising keeps us out late and the alcohol affects sleep quality. Sleep is the mainstay of physical and mental wellbeing and when it’s compromised we run low on essential energy. Hiding that pesky Elf each night doesn’t help.

Happy not happy

It’s meant to be Happy Holiday but as the number of sleeps comes down, blood pressure levels go up. Finishing work projects before the holiday, shopping for presents, the in-laws arriving any day; it’s the most stressful holiday season of the year. Stress not only increases our desire for sugar and impacts our sleep, it also impedes our immunity. So now we’re eating and drinking too much, not sleeping enough and struggling to fight off seasonal bugs.

Don’t cancel Christmas

Silly season is an endurance event; stay the course by staying (a little bit) sensible. On party nights, have a healthy snack before you go out and drink a glass of water in between every alcoholic drink. Fit some physical and wellbeing activities into each day.

Nutrition wise, boost immunity levels with daily vitamin C and load up on antioxidants which help reduce fatigue. A quick, convenient way to get these is in a nutri-tonic, like SHOJO, that is also loaded with turmeric - an ingredient known to support a healthy liver. During party season, that’s not silly.