June 20, 2019

SHOJO Turmeric Tonic… defining the functional shot category in Australia!

SHOJO Turmeric Tonic is the latest entrant to the emerging functional shot market in Australia. SHOJO packs a punch with curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, B-group vitamins and vitamin C - functional ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory and fatigue fighting properties. Sold in a convenient 100ml recyclable glass pack, the product is well positioned to cater to growing demand from health and environmentally conscious consumers.

Functional beverages are defined as non-alcoholic drinks that provide specific health benefits and contain non-traditional ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids or added raw fruits.

The category is currently the fastest emerging growth segment in the USA, valued at $US26.2 billion, forecast to increase 6.5% annually: ‘Demand from millennials, rising health care, wellness awareness and busy lifestyles have led to the growing demand for convenience beverages. These factors along with the idea of “healthiness-on-the-go” have led to a surge in demand for health associated functional drinks and beverages’

In contrast, Australia’s functional shot category barely exists, presenting a rare opportunity for a truly new category that can deliver high value, incremental sales for retailers.

SHOJO Turmeric Tonic has widespread appeal; turmeric is the ingredient of choice amongst consumers looking for a ‘better for me’ solution to kick start the day. SHOJO is popular amongst 25-35 year old males and females interested in health and wellness, from active leisure to health conscious tradies and gym goers.

SHOJO Turmeric Tonic is the first in a range of functional shots from Rogue Beverages that will support consumer wellness needs such as healthy liver function, balanced blood sugar cholesterol levels and bowel health.