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What’s Up with Wellness Tonics?

November 29, 2020

Wellness tonics are taking the health and wellness industry by storm, and with more and more creeping onto the shelves of your friendly neighbourhood supermarket, it’s about time we address why everyone - from Michelle Obama to your trendy Aunt Susan - are drinking them.


Firstly, let’s wind back the clock:

You’d be forgiven for thinking that wellness tonics are the *newest thing*, but they actually first arose in Japan in 1962 when Lipovatin D changed the way we did ‘health’. Soon enough, with their popularity soaring and every magazine and celebrity touting their benefits, wellness tonics took over. Lipovatin D was quickly followed by Solmack, Tiovita, M-15 and Kratendang; quickly snowballing into a global functional food phenomenon. Even RedBull and Monster took inspiration from these revolutionary remedies, becoming some of the most popular energy drinks on the market today. TAKE NOTE: 1962 wasn’t the birth of the wellness tonic miracle, in fact, you’ll have to go back centuries ago where you’ll find them in the everyday diets of the dynastic Japanese and Chinese.


A quick history lesson:

The ancient blends of herbs, plants and roots used in the Orient at the time to heal and rejuvenate hasn’t changed. Even today, the Japanese still include these tonics in their daily diets, targeting their immune and circulatory systems, as well as skin, eye, heart and liver health through the use of functional foods and botanicals including collagen, turmeric, ginseng, ginger, astragalus and many more. It’s these very ingredients that we can guarantee you’ll find on the label of every health-food, tonic and supplement you come across. Anti-inflammatory turmeric ’golden’ lattes, chlorophyll-full green juices, antioxidant-rich beetroot shots, libido-enhancing maca root powder, or even the tiny nutrient powerhouse that is the goji berry... these ingredients are nothing new, but their centuries-long popularity proves one thing; they’re here to stay, and for good reason too! As an addition to a balanced diet, they’re an easy and effective way to fuel your body and mind every single day.

TAKE NOTE: Plenty of tonics out there will yell at you about their life-changing and miraculous benefits; some even claim they’ll cure cancer or give you magical powers! SHŌJŌ promises to deliver a blend that is both revolutionary and of the highest quality, but we like to tell it like it is too. SHŌJŌ won’t give you wings... but it will make your body (and taste buds) thank you!


SHŌJŌ who?

So, wellness tonics have an impressive history and range, but what’s different between these trendy health foods and supplement superstars, and SHŌJŌ?

There are a few key specialties; the CONCENTRATION of ingredients, the EASE of use, and the TASTE.



    SHŌJŌ uses a unique and potent blend in their tonics, starring a dynamic mix of the most premium and science-backed natural ingredients on the market.

    Their latest and greatest, the Turmeric Tonic, harnesses the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric and it’s key compound curcumin (the thing that makes your fingers and tongue yellow!), the energy-boosting benefits of panax ginseng, the antioxidant-rich goji berry, and a dynamic mix of B vitamins and vitamin C, to keep your immunity high and fatigue low.


      Packed in a simple and small bottle, SHŌJŌ is a convenient Ready-To-Drink (RTD) product that can be slipped into your pocket, handbag or car drink holder for on-the-go functional fuel.

      TAKE NOTE: The tiny packaging is deceiving! The contents within are a powerful mix of the most premium ingredients that will give your body a much needed (and well-deserved) boost of energy and immunity.


        How many green juices, apple cider vinegar shots or DIY home remedies have you had that you instantly regret paying for or taking the time to concoct? Fear not, SHŌJŌ incorporates the natural sweetener monk-fruit which originates from Ancient Asia, just like the rest of the ingredients, to give a light and bright sweetness to the wellness tonic. Combined with apple juice concentrate, the turmeric tonic has a smooth and pleasant taste that is both gut-friendly (no artificial sweeteners allowed!) and low in sugar.


        Simply, SHŌJŌ is the revolutionary wellness tonic with spirit, strength and a smile.

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